Still going down memory lane………and because i’m goin through a jobless phase in my professional life – not in the literal sense but being utterly “vella” while sitting in office and blogging on my office PC, I realised i’d been to a lotta schools. Just so i never forget, i think i’ll jot em down here.

Nursery, LKG – Tiny Cottage – Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh

UKG, Prep, Class 1 – Tender Heart – Chandigarh

CLass 2 and 3 – St. Anthony’s – Agra, UP

CLass 4 (partly) – Presentation Convent – Madgaon, Goa (had to leave coz they were turning it into a konkani medium school)

Class 4 (remaining part) and Class 5 (plartly) – Manovikas – Madgaon, Goa (this school up to class 10 was in an abandoned factory building, so none of the walls were completed up to the roof. U could be in one class and learn what was goin on in the other. Can u imagine the noise during a free period!! )

Class 5 (remaining part), Class 6 and 7 – Army Public School – Udhampur, J&K

Class 8 and 9 – Vivek High School – Chandigarh

Class10 – Army School – Ratnuchak, J&K

Class 11 – Army School – Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh 

Class 12 – Vivek High School – Chandigarh

No, I didnt have the hobby of jumping schools, Dad in the army means this becomes one of the biggest trade offs in exchange for fun, places, adventure, experiences, memories……………But thanks to this, i made a lotta good friends all over the country…………..:-)