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Journey Under the Midnight Sun – Book Review

5/5 *****

When I wrote my concluding post of 2015, I thought I’d read all the  good stuff I could that year. But little did I know, that I’d end up reading something later that would have most likely made the top of that list. My decision to start reading this book a few days before I left for a holiday was based on the assumption that it would accompany me on my travels and end up being something I finished in the new year. Yet, 4 days later, there I was, marveling at what I had just read.


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To anyone who has an interest in psychological crime fiction, I cannot recommend this book enough. To those who are looking for an all consuming, remarkable piece of writing, well, what are you waiting for!

Every time I finish a Keigo Higashino book, I am in awe of his imagination, intelligence, depth of detail, his character profiles, the strange stories and plot lines he comes up with, the way he creates Japan in my mind, and his ability to keep me so helplessly glued to them, that even as a 500+ page book ‘Journey Under the Midnight Sun’ is effortless and brilliant. I loved the manner in which this one spans across 20 years, slowing down the passage of time in the story but never losing pace in the telling of it.

When I read ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’, I couldn’t have had a better initiation into Japanese crime fiction or Japanese fiction for that matter, and made a mental note of Higashino as one to watch out for. With ‘Malice’, his brilliance was confirmed and now with ‘Journey Under the Midnight Sun’, he completely satisfies the high bar he has set for himself in each of these books.

While we are quickly running out of translated titles of his novels, I do hope his popularity is picked up with a renewed rigor by translators this year and we find several more titles from this master storyteller hitting the English reader’s market. Both ‘Malice’ and ‘Journey Under the Midnight Sun’ have been among the most memorable books for me in 2015 and in 2016, I look forward to the only two titles in English  I haven’t yet read -‘Salvation of a Saint’ and ‘Naoko’.

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Book Mania

More like turning in to a book maniac!! 🙂
I can’t decide if it’s the reading that pulls me or the fact that I get to buy new books every fortnight. Its like a disease right now, and a very enjoyable one at that.
Of course it’s a downhill trend on the bank balance – but books are books and I must have them ! The only issue is, I am getting so impatient to read more and more that sticking to the one I’m currently reading becomes a bit of a task :). And no amount of CAT prep or reading comprehension has resulted in increasing my reading speed….so I endure and wait fo the day a book is over and I get to pick a new one……scrawl my name on the first page and begin.

Reading now:

Escape – Manjula Padmanabhan

Next in line:

The perplexities of Hariya Hercules – Manohar Shyam Joshi


Breathless in Bombay – Murzban F Shroff.

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