Reel Reality

I was watching this movie called “The American President” yesterday, starring Micheal Douglas and Annette Bening. It was a romantic movie bout the president of America who happens to be a widower and its election time and he needs to retain his presidency – but then he falls in love with an environment lobbyist and starts courting her – about which his rival starts making a big fuss and starts questioning the president’s character n all n all. this is usually what gets the american junta all excited and they start pining for traditional american values (whatever those are!!).

So anyway, its the usual typical american flick – where the “hero” charms the “heroine” with his wit, sense of humour and his brains. Not to mention his looks and the fact that he happens to be the president of the most powerful country in the world – making him the most powerful man in the world for the moment.

But my brains were working on an altogether different tangent. I was thinking, well here’s a movie that celebrates the perfect personality of the US president. He’s like the role model for the whole country and maybe for some in the rest of the world too. Not just this movie – look at “Air Force One” for that matter. Harrisson Ford makes a great president too. He smart, intelligent, loves his country and even saves the day for everyone even when his family’s lives are on the line. With that kind of a president, who needs a body guard eh!! But thats not all i’m thinking.

This brought me to think bout the “REAL WORLD” presidents. So who gets inspired by who??? The REAL by the REEL or the REEL by the REAL???  I mean take George Bush…..I dont think he is the kind of person who can inspire people, though he could take a few pointers from these movies. Infact with his smalll squinty eyes – i think he’s more of an inspiration for a baby chimpanzee movie. And Bill Clinton, yeah i know i know – ur like he was ok and a decent president too except his lusty prancing arounds – which wouldn’t have been that big a deal had he not been the president of the US of A (exactly!!!!).

But then again i’m digressing. What i was really thinking was……about our very own indian presidents/prime ministers. Yes yes, i couldn’t help drawing out a picture of some of our classic leaders playing the lead in this movie instead of Micheal Douglas. Hehehehe………

But its hard to imagine that – coz i can’t seem to associate them in such a setting. I mean the first descriptive adjective i can think of to describe them is – “old” !!!! And then everything else just follows – like boring, slow, dull ……..blah blah blah………….though there is one exception. Its Mr Kalam. He’s one cool dude. I mean he may be senior by age – but u know he doesn’t gimme those “oldish” vibes. He’s the kinda guy that u can really connect with. I think the one indian leader that could have been in MD’s shoes could have been him.

Its not about the americanism here. Its more about the fact – that our presidents/prime ministers are just normal people with the same problems like everyone else. The only difference is they have the responsibility of looking into the problems of the nation as well (which is heavy, but all the more reason to lighten up) – but that doesn’t mean they should be serious and proper all the time. I mean, they have a life too right!!! I guess what i miss is the “connection” that one desires to have with the person leading their nation. A little bit of human touch can go a long way……all i wanna say to our leaders is – LOOSEN UP!!!      

But anyway, thats what i think – my grey cells tend to do a few somersaults over the wierdest topics – And come to think of it, if India had a candidate like Micheal Douglas/Harisson Ford running for prime minister – 50% of the population would already have been won over (at least in my world !!!) – as always – AINWAYEE!!!