the butterfly effect!!

I had bunked office and was enjoying the hindi dubbed version of “Austin Powers – Goldmember” when suddenly from the corner of my eye i saw this big black thing fluttering in through the window and landing right next to me on the sofa.

Well on first intinct, i flew off the sofa without even realising what the hell it was that came down beside me. Anyway, once i was on the other side of the room i saw that it was a big black butterfly with blue-green dots on its wings.

You know generally i am a very nature/animal friendly person. i mean i’m crazy about dogs n cats n any goddam four legged furry thing. but things like birds and butterflies and all things “winged” kinda creep me out.

So there i was wondering how the hell i was gonna get rid of this butterfly – which was quite pretty actually, big enuff to cover both my palms but i was in no mood for imparting admiration right then. After some initial shooing and waving my arm wildly at  it (which seemed to make no difference whatsoever) i blew a big puff of air to lift it off the sofa. Soon did i realise that that was a stupid thing to do. Coz the butterfly went bezerk. She tried to fly but because the fan was on and there was too much wind for its light body to get stable, the damn thing kept tossing in the air towrds me.

Now it may sound wierd, but the idea of the butterfly sitting on me just did not go down well. i screamed and hopped and ran across the room to the other side, and smartly put off the fan. This helped coz the b’fly settled down under the dining table. so i mustered all my courage to pick it up by the wings with my fore finger n thumb n toss it out the window – but alas!! courage is a  rare commodity and the moment i touched it, i got the creeps and let go – and she fluttered off for the next 30 seconds banging into the wall n what not (what a dumb thing she was. the windows were open n i was holding the main door open but she still couldn’t find her way out) – with me squealing, getting goose pimples all over my body and running about in a 150sq foot room inclusive of a big cabinet, a 5 seater sofa set, a full size dining tabe and 6 dining chairs. My ankle still hurts form bumping into the cabinet so hard!!!

Anyway, the damn thing settled again n then i got one of my “bright” ideas – i thot why not trap it in a polyhtene bag and set it free outside the window. so i found a transparent bag and quickly dropped it upside down on the b’fly. Aaah, that was a smart thing to do, but now how the hell do i pick it up. So with one swift swipe of my arm i liflted the bottom end of the bag, and before i could do anything – as expected, she came out again and headed straight to my face.

So finally, as i waited in a corner and she settled on my towel, i resolved to end this stupid chasen catch episode once and for all. I got up, walked to the towel (she didnt seem to notice me) and held the b’fly by her wings – i could feel the force of the wings as she was trying to get loose – and afraid that i’d get the creeps and let go again – i ran to kitchen window, all the time muttering the four letter word over n over againand dropped her out…………i half expected her to come back – but that was it – i had done it – i had triumphed and i was exhausted!!!!……….. BAAAAHhHH!!! BHAGWAAN BACHAYE!!!!