MSG2 – Done n Dusted!

So I’ve been meaning to write this post since Sunday, two days ago. But mostly I’ve been struggling with the decision to write it at all. You see, this post was supposed to be about my amusing and somewhat unique experience of watching MSG2, the second installment from self-proclaimed saint and human GurmeetRamRahimSinghJi Insan’s pool of film making talent. And now, after watching and enduring the movie, and having survived to tell the tale, every time I thought about writing it down, words failed me. I guess I was pressurizing myself too much into writing what I thought would be a movie review. But I now realize that there is no reason for me to bind my thoughts so, and therefore I shall only write it like the cerebral experience it was.

To be fair, I won’t deny how much I anticipated the release of this movie. Over the last few months, or rather, since being part of a crazily themed birthday party, where the birthday boy played the said ‘human’ (read insan), the movie and the god man have become a bit of an obsession. Emulating these god men / women was a real eye opener on how much fun it really was, having people gawk at you in awe (or horror) and basically dress up, dance and be showered with flowers. We took ourselves quite seriously and much preparation went into getting ourselves in character – leading to a rediscovery of MSG1 and its exquisitely composed music. While I won’t go into the details of the original soundtrack here, an honorary mention of the song ‘Daru ko Goli Maro’ (Shoot down the alcohol) is due. Quite possibly the most ‘singular’ song I have ever heard, I believe no one and no one but the ‘human’ in question can sing it in the same tune and tone. Do take a listen some time, and make sure you also have the lyrics handy for a fuller and more complete experience.

So anyway, coming back to MSG2, we were booked in advance with great last row seats in one of the first PVRs of south Delhi. We got there, bought our cola, pop and sandwiches and found our seats in the ever filling auditorium, all set for the show to begin. And what a show it was. From the ever increasing crowd that kept pouring in; to a stylish credits opening with a familiar sounding, though unidentifiable, catchy EDM* track; to the vaguest movie plot ever; to flashing beads and fabric and rhine stone studded head gear; to hair, lots of hair; to color changing tribals that needed converting from ‘animalness’ to ‘humanness’ if you please; to bad dialogue and worse character names; and to some very very second-rate VFX – I came away with a buzzing head and a complex physical, intellectual and psychological blend of experiences. I don’t exaggerate, I actually got goosebumps a few times.

The purpose of the film, as is evident from the previous one, was to – create, disseminate and propagate. And a seemingly effective means of propaganda it was, if one is go by the rapt attention with which the audience watched, cheered and clapped. Many times through the movie I would look around to get feedback on how people were responding, and was amazed to see how they watched with bated breath as the ‘human of humans’ took on tribes and army factions single-handedly. Always emerging undefeated and unscathed from these over the top long drawn conflicts,with not a single hair from his beard or updo going astray – he clearly has set the bar high for even Rajnikant.

The means to achieve this propagandized objective was a bizarre movie plot, completely lacking logic or common sense – that centered around bettering the world by converting tribals into humans – because obviously as meat eating, scantily clad, mahua drinking, dark skinned, muddy looking people, they fell very short of qualifying the civilized human index. So the ‘human of humans’, as a favour to all mankind, took it upon himself to humanize the tribals with love and affection, a few life lessons here and there, and some bizarre acts of bravery that included saving a child from a digitized elephant. But wait! The transformation was not yet complete. As the thankful tribals start dancing in his honour, he stops them mid-song and says that a proper human is one who is dressed modestly. He then orders his minions to catch the tribals and make them wear ‘tailored human’ clothes to be truly called humans. And so in an extremely weird and patronizing sequence of events, the tribals are chased, caught, nail clipped and hosed down to then emerge not only in colourful clothes but also with skin tones five times fairer than their orignal one – all while comic music plays in the background. And then ofcourse the song resumes and as the new ‘humans’ dance their clothes eveolve as well – from ghargra choli and dhoti to salwar kameez and kurta pajama to a long maxi dress and pant-shirts.

I shuddered at this particular sequence in the film for the deprecating and degrading manner in which such a perception about tribal communities was portrayed –  as unclean, unaaceptable and inferior beings. And seeing that literally 98% of the audience in that theater was poorly educated or under-sensitized and unaware about tribals and their lives, I feel they all went back home with a completely screwed up image of them. So good riddance that the film was banned in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh and while the censor board did pass the film, it really shouldn’t have, for projecting the indigenous, legitimate and very equal tribal citizens of India in such a  demeaning and insensitive manner.

But as all this takes place we’re only halfway through the movie. What next one wonders? He’s sorted the tribals, what now? Ofcourse there is a bigger, badder, meaner tribal head to deal with, whose love story is yet another masterpiece. This guy is called ‘Ajgar’ – The Python, named so becasue he played with pythons as a kid. His wife ‘Chabuki’ also gets her name from a childhood habit – bullying other kids with her hunter (chabuk) and growing up to lash men who couldn’t live up to her expectations of a mate. When Ajgar confronts her at a tribal fair, she challenges him to a mahua drinking match and when he beats her at drinking a whole potful, she declares that she has found the one. And of course, we cut to a dream song sequence where this newly in love couple is dressed in very western clothes, dancing to the undecipherable singing of the all rounder ‘human of humans’ and basically all logic has taken a back seat by now.

Anyway, the rest is not of much consequence. This tribal too is brought into line, set on the right path – and while that is in process, the ‘human of humans’ also takes the opportunity to further establish his credibility by inserting information about his lineage – going as far as even depicting Maharaja Ranjit Singh as a spitting image of himself, to Guru Gobind’s armies and some such. Basically blue blood, warrior blood, and the works. There is more still, a prolonged and repetitive action scene on a man made mud hill, but it ends as expected with the final enemy, the local politician, getting kicked in the butt and all is well for humans again.

To conclude, MSG2 – supposedly a big improvement on MSG1, is essentially a B grade Hindi film at its core. And had it not been written, produced, acted, directed, sung and composed by the one man army that the ‘humanly saint’ is, it would have never seen a theater release or garnered the cult status for the likes of me. So I guess there is either a very smart marketing case study or a purely monetary one  in there that should be worth exploring, in addition to being a very interesting opportunity for psychoanalysis.

I cannot sign off without acknowledging that the movie and the associated overarching personality have been a huge source of ‘happiness’ and entertainment for me and my brethren – and if you allow your mind that freedom too, then it is sure to bring you the joy it did me 😉 Try.

*electronic dance music


Ek Main Aur Ek Tu……Romantic Comedy well done :)

True romantic comedy that’s light and crisp. I don’t think there was a dull moment in the film and so glad that it lasted for just two hours. Cute story line with the whole parent category angle – I think one we can all relate to 😉

Imran Khan absolutely suited his part of the “tight-ass” guy who is so caught up with pleasing his parents that he has completely lost himself. He plays the part of the nervous, fumbly, stuttering guy very well. His parents, Boman Irani and Ratna Pathak Shah couldn’t have been a colder set of parents, but that completed reflected on why their son had such an identity crisis.

And Kareena Kapoor also does well as the bubbly, chirpy, girl next door who finds happiness and a light moment in everything, even if it was something like being thrown out on the street for not paying rent and spending the night in a hotel rest room cubicle. But, she reminded me too much of Geet from Jab We Met. The overly happy go lucky gal for whom no problem is too big or too much to solve – and life’s a party. I know I wish I were like that 😉

The people who played her family were fun too – especially the Dad with his typical pointers to Rahul about how to control the dog…haha….very spontaneous – good direction then 🙂

Also it was refreshing to see that the movie doesn’t have a conventional happily ever after. I think we are so used to / conditioned to seeing the movie culminating in a final love story and not a friendship story – and so that was a nice change 🙂

Why wasn’t I surprised that the music was by Amit Trivedi. Very refreshing – the songs other than the title track are very nice and soulful – esp the one that plays in the last moments of the movie…. Kar Chalna Shuru tu…. 🙂

And of course “Auntyji” was surprisingly not a cheesy number at all…..I enjoyed it so much – plus it was shot very well again..Fun!

So over all a great movie experience when you want to go for a light film – but not a senseless one – this is the Jen Aniston kind for me. A thumbs up and smile for Shakun Batra on this one…keep em coming – just don’t be repetitive 🙂

Haywire…. a little amiss?

I am wondering, whether the movie gods happen to be totally impressed with my review writing skills 😉 or is this just reward for attempting to even write one in the least!!?? I mean hey, this is my third movie in less than a week!! Ok, touch wood , touch wood – I don’t to jinx that track record 😛 (also thanks to a very insistent movie buff who is keeping a record of his own – of being 15 minutes late for both the movies he planned)

So anyway,  today’s flick was the action packed Haywire – which suited the mood, since I caught it in the nick of time.

Hollywood favorite storyline. Agents / assassins hired and funded by the US government to bump off inconvenient men. But when money is the central motivator – even class agents are sold out in a wink. Betray your country’s most valuable weapon and you are in for a ruthless battle to the end.

Though it wasn’t a bad watch, far from it infact -I still came away thinking it lacked something. Maybe a meatier plot – more twists ….. more edge of the seat moments…..more guess work……unraveling of a baffling truth……

But, what I liked about the movie were 2 things:

One. The casting of the woman who plays the central character (Mallory) – Gina Carano. A trained “mixed martial arts” fighter was the perfect choice for a movie with brutal, sudden and very real hand to hand action. She is the kind of attractive but deadly woman you want in this kind of a film – something Angelina Jolie isnt able to do in movies like The Tourist, Salt, or even Tomb Raider for that matter. The fight scenes in these films just aren’t that fun to watch…..

Loved the opening scene in the roadside cafe – where the first major fight takes place. Ruthless. And it happens so quickly that once you recover from the suddenness of it, you’re saying “ouch” at every blow the two fighters deliver each other. But at the end of the scene, I had a satisfied smile on my face – saying, now THAT was Well Done!! Phew!!

What made it so good was that Gina Carano can “kick ass”!!!! and very convincingly so. No fragile woman stuff here!! Infact there is a reference in the film where another assassin is warned not to assume that she is a “woman” – as that would be a big mistake.

Two. The way there is minimal dialogue and distraction where it isn’t required. Just pulsing background score to match the movement onscreen. Allows the viewer to sort of be a part of the moment. Like when Mallory is trying to lose the police on her tail – zigzagging, climbing, jumping, running – but there is no hurry in shooting the scene. The director allows her the time to figure it out and the viewer can actually make sense of where she is going and how she intends to make her getaway.

3 big names in the movie – Micheal Douglas, Ewan McGregor and Antonio Banderas – but hardly any screen space so to speak for either. The first 2 didn’t really leave an impression, but I loved Antonio Banderas’ new bearded look – totally dig it! Very real and genuine again – the “not trying too hard” kinda feeling – which is so Banderas – in fact, not trying at all!

But none of them had much time on screen……so maybe that’s where the makers could have capitalized on having these 3 in the film and creating more interesting sub plots.

Channing Tatum is just a side kick to Gina Carano……nothing much to say there.

So there you have it.

I would give it a 3.5/5 just for the 2 main fight sequences and that’s why it is also worth a watch once at least.


The Descendants – Watch and Smile

(spoiler warning! i have divulged some details, though this is not a suspense so it wont really spoil your fun :))


I walked out of the hall smiling and content. Wonderful way to wrap up the weekend. The Descendants is such a “human” movie. Watched it with my Dad and we both totally enjoyed it. I can’t / wont call this a movie review – but here is what made me like it so much.

The location – Hawaii. The breezy, overcast, deep greens and crystal blues – gave the movie a refreshing and calming feel.  I especially liked how Matt (G.Clooney) introduces us to his story – about how it irritated him that people always considered him so lucky to be  living in Hawaii and how his life must be like being on a permanent  holiday – but in reality how f***** up it actually was – and so Hawaii is as real as any place.

I’ve noticed that the narrative is a typical introduction to a lot of Hollywood movies, but this one is really well written in and I enjoyed it so much.

George Clooney takes the cake for sure. I haven’t seen him play such a vulnerable role in any of his past films where usually he is the smart, witty, on top of his game kinda guy. In The Descendants he plays a workaholic who suddenly finds himself as a single father to his two daughters, a ten year old and a 17 year old rebellious teenager – both of which are testing him in every way possible. Adding to that a comatose, dying wife who he discovers was cheating on him and a big land sale deal of ancestral property that his extended family is pressing him to sell, and you can understand what he means when he says he is barely keeping his head above water. He plays the role so heart-warmingly well and one just wants to give him a hug and tell him to hang in there.

The two girls playing his daughters are also very good, especially the 10 year old Scotty. The character Sid does very well in playing a helplessly stupid jock. He looks like he is misplaced and unnecessary but he carries his part very well adding the subtle funnies.

Its amazing how the director, Alexander Payne has managed to make all his actors underplay and yet keep the feel of the film so wonderfully natural and so real. There is humour in unlikely instances in the film and appropriately so 🙂 lightens the mood without trivializing the moment. So even though there is tragedy in the film which is central to the story, it doesn’t bog you down and become a tear jerker – coz sometimes you just dont feel like crying your eyes out and yet want to associate with what the characters feel.

The music / background score is brilliant. Soothing and calming are two words that come to me – the kind of stuff you want to play in the room while you do other things 🙂

Finally, without making this any more longer than it should be – to me the story was about accepting, dealing, forgiving and  moving on.  But also that its easier said than done. Congratulations to George Clooney and Alexander Payne – well deserved on all the praise, awards and accolades they have received and will receive 🙂

Extra enjoyment points for the 5 movie trailers they screened during the intermission and before the movie began, always makes the movie experience doubly enriching. The Titans and Ghostrider 2 with over the top special effects – impressive, though not sure if the 2 minute trailer will have the same effect in a 2 hour movie. Lets see if i ever get to those in a theatre 🙂

Do rate the post, helps me know if  I should write the next one 😉

Must Watch !!!

The movies listed below are a must watch for me. From what I read, they are all like masterpieces in their particular genres.

I watched Inglorious Basterds last night and I really enjoyed it. Plus I have a thing for war/nazi movies and books. I loved reading the ones by Leon Uris – like, Mila 18, Battlecry, Exodus, Trinity…….

So i decided, why not make a list of some good cinema, club it into  genres, and try n watch as many as I can 🙂

Genre: World War II / Nazi

  1. Where Eagles Dare (1968) : though I saw this when I was pretty young, I’ve forgotten almost all of it. so this one’s gonna be a memory refresher!
  2. Come and See (1985)
  3. The Pianist (2002) – I haven’t seen it yet.
  4. The boy in the striped pyjamas (2008)
  5. Au revoir les enfants (1987)
  6. The Counterfeiters (2007)
  7. Downfall (2004)
  8. Army of Shadows (1969)
  9. Nuremberg (2000)

Genre: Assassin Films

  1. In Bruges (2008)
  2. Road to Perdition (2002)
  3. A Bittersweet Life (2005) – south korean
  4. Blast of Silence (1961)
  5. The Killer (1989)

Genre: Mixed Bag – Good Cinema from 2009

  1. 500 Days of Summer
  2. Revanche
  3. Moon
  4. Goodbye Solo
  5. Chop Shop
  6. Gomorrah

So that’s the list for now!!!

Do add to my list……coz it feels like there’s so much good cinema we’re missing out on 🙂

Until next time……..happy viewing!!!

Meeting Abhay Deol…..!!!!

I’m one of those really corny, kind of crazy, star struck people. And if I get the opportunity to meet one of my favorite movie stars, well there’s no stopping me then.

So well, as a complete matter of chance, I got to meet Abhay Deol – someone I totally adore!! I was sweating it out on d – (read: taking a brisk walk in really humid weather), when I got a call from a friend who works for an online Bollywood magazine.

She asked me if I would like to be a part of an event they were organising for a few fans who could meet with Abhay Deol and interact and chat with him. Oh man, i jumped right outta my shoes!!! Of course i was going to go.

The venue was JW Marriot at Juhu. Swanky for sure! Most of us were there on time and Abhay Deol made his entry 45 mins later in true star style.

Well first impressions of seeing him in person:

1. Very Skinny!! Or maybe skinnier than I’d like. I think I would give him stiff competition in an arm wrestling match for sure! But then again, maybe I would give a lotta people competition in a wrestling match ;). Anyhow, what I mean is, he was skinnier than the average male. He could do with some muscle definition (ok I’ll stop at that!).

2. Very Chilled out and down to earth. No airs about being such a popular movie star. Of course, I’m sure he’s used to being a part of many such events and on a much lager scale too, but still, very friendly and forthcoming.

So anyway, we commenced with a round of questions that each one of us could ask him. Most of the questions were centered around his past roles and his forthcoming films and his reasons for being an actor, which he responded to very comfortably. Except, this one guy, who asked him the most ridiculous thing. So here’s what he said:

“I have heard that you are very passionate about girls. WHat do you have to say about that?”

Oh man, you should have seen the colour on Abhay Deol’s face. Turning a deep red and trying to deal with that question with every person’s gaze fixed on him. So after some initial mumbling n fumbling, he tried to put it in perspective for the guy who asked him the question. He said:

“Whether its girls or your work – what matters is, that you do it with passion. If you’re not passionate, it’s not worth it. So that’s whats really important.”

So well, after this tiny blip, the remaining session went on pleasantly. After most of the interactive event was over, we were allowed to get pictures clicked with him and then we were free to leave. There were some reporters from NDTV who wanted to do a short interview with him so we hung around to watch.

I guess it was Abhay’s day to deal with obnoxious questions and comments. So this reporter was referring to his forthcoming film which is supposed to be a love story, and asks him if he’s learnt anything from it – since he  can’t hold a relationship for more than a few months himself.

Wow!! That was a pretty offensive statement, and offended Abhay Deol was. But then again he toned it down tactfully and told the reporter that he needn’t answer that since she’d already made her judgments about him and that she seemed to know it all. I don’t think she realised what she said……

Anyway, once that was over, another reporter from NDTV came and requested that some fans sing for Abhay. Of course I wasn’t gonna make that much of a spectacle of myself, had it not been for the friend who took me there with her. Also, being the only ones who stuck around while every other fan had left, we weren’t really given a choice. A guy from my friend’s office was very confident that he wanted to sing, but the reporter pulled us in coz she didn’t want “girl fans” to be missing from the frame and just a guy fan serenading Abhay would have been kinda odd ;).

So we hummed along while that guy sang a song from one of Abhay’s movies. Abhay of course was very amused and kept giving us looks of encouragement so that we didn’t feel like fools as much!

In the end it was all good. We got to chat some tiddy bitty more and laughed around. We even got to take pictures on our cell phones with him. It was all very gracious on his behalf…..especially since we had made the effort to stay and sing. And as he left, there were some more moments of light conversation and laughter and bye byes….leaving us all dreamy-eyed!!!

Here’s my official magazine picture with him. It’s a treasure!!

😛 I’m a sucker for movie stars!! and of course I’ve been quite the show off on Facebook….making it my profile picture and screaming to all my friends that I MET ABHAY DEOL!!! 😀

Links to the website:

Cafe Solitude….

For the longest time I was totally adamantly against the idea of going out alone to spend an evening by myself. I just found it so morose.  It always made me feel like I would start feeling even more lonely and sorry for myself.

Its not that I don’t do things alone. I do. And I quite enjoy myself too. Like shopping alone, brisk walking up-n-down Bandstand, browsing a bookstore alone – taking my own sweet time, walking down a busy market street at my own pace, with headphones and my favourite music to keep me company and window shopping with the occasional halt for a mug of fresh juice. Or some street shopping for kolhapuris, rubber chappals, tee-shirts to sleep in, etc….. Actually, most of the time I prefer being a loner and doing things exactly how i want to.

But the one time that I can’t bear to be alone is when I have to have a meal all by myself.

I hate eating alone in a public place. And I hate being watched while I do it.

And it is a stupid thing, because in a city like Mumbai, one finds so many people who are doing the exact same thing. But I still feel so conscious and exposed. Like everyone is watching me and thinking, “oh poor thing, she doesn’t have any friends”. But I do have friends and they do happen to like me a lot and I don’t know why I have this strong urge to make that clear to anybody who is staring at me and thinking that.

It might sound like I am so insecure about my friends. But that’s not it, I guess that I’m just not ok with people making their own impression without really knowing the background.

The background. Ah well, the background is that now I am in between jobs and so I have a lot of time to kill while I look for one. So when I’m sick of being holed up in the house all day, I step out in the evening.

So well, today I stepped out with a book in hand thinking where could I go and read it in peace without getting too conscious of people watching me. Well, there isn’t much choice when its 7 pm in the evening and the sun has set for the day. The obvious option is a coffee shop.

So I walked down from home and came across one. I peeked to asses how crowded it was and to my relief it was quite empty. So I walked in and found the farthest and corner most seat in the place. Promptly placed an order for a large ‘iced cappuccino’ so that there was no more getting up and moving about and finally settled in my corner satisfied.

I spent a good hour and a half there. Reading a book of short stories. Bits of stray conversation falling on my ears. And what do you know, I had a good time. It was so normal. People came and left, some sat around. I don’t think anyone really cared I was there. And if anyone did, I was too engrossed in my book to notice. I finally got up because my book had come to an end 🙂

When I walked out, I felt so light and happy. I told myself I was so ridiculous for having those silly issues of not being in a coffee shop or restaurant alone. It has a charm of its own. And I’m so looking forward to doing it some more. Starting a new book in the excitement. 🙂

Maybe I’ll take a friend’s strongly recommended suggestion of catching a movie by myself  too. Plus I get to have the popcorn all to myself . Caramel it is then ! 🙂 Couldn’t get better than that.

Of assassins, plots and drama……

One the most facinating subjects for me to read and watch are the assassination attempts and plots that have spanned over the years. Right from Abe Lincoln (and much before that) to Martin Luther King Jr, to John Lennon , to RFK and the most talked about and researched JFK assassination.

I happened to watch this movie called “Vantage Point” last night and it really set my grey cells in motion. I really liked the movie. So much thought must have gone into making the plot of this movie. I would call it intelligent – and sometimes I fear such movies might give ideas to the wrong lot of people. But that aside, the main thing that really impressed me was the way a critical 23 minutes before during and after the assassination attempt was depicted from 5 different points of view of the 5 key players – the main assassin, the president himself, the president’s security officer, a local police officer and a tourist. And the whole film keeps going back to the start to show what each person went through, ultimately culminating into the final episode – where all these key players come together at the same point in one form or another. Its one of those fast paced movies where ur on the edge of the seat and ur mind is going crazy trying to figure out how the hell it was pulled off!!!.  Pooof….!!

So anyway, like i was saying earlier, I don’t know what it is that facinates me about such acts of violence against these men. So many questions come ino my head – like who did it, why he did it, did he really do it or was there someone more sinister behind it. I know I’m not the only sucker for such stories, there are others who have gone much greater lengths to feed their curiosity about the circumstances and the reasons behind the committing of such an act. I’m just curious about the lives and personalities that were involved – Like what kind of a person would you have to be to do something like this?? Unlike movies, I think the real life assassins have a much more twisted personality – and thats what I want to know more about. 

Take the JFK assassination for example. That one is no less than the movie i just talked about. Even though there was a convicted killer – Lee Harvey Oswald – who was proved to be the shooter, there are still so many conspiracy theories that it still remains a mystery to many – whether he was actually the one who orchestrated the assassination or was he just a pawn in a much bigger plot. And come to think of it, the person who actually pulled off one of the most controversial assassinations of our time may have gotten away with it – while we’re still going nuts trying to figure it all out. Even the National Geographic Channel has a complete documentary researching all the possibilities – but there are still some doubts no one can clear out – and that makes the whole case so intriguing that it will revisited many a time in the future as well. 

But people like me get carried away sometimes. Maybe we just want to believe that there was more than meets the eye. Maybe the “drama” of it all is what intoxicates the mind so much that the more the plot thickens the better it gets. I guess i just cant get enough. The suspence is what spices it up.  

To continue further, on the other hand is the completely different assassination of John Lennon. The reason why Mark David Chapman killed him was so bizzare. He was apparently not happy with a comment made by Lennon about the Beatles – about them being more pupolar than Jesus. This didn’t go down well with Chapman and he considered it be blasphemy. He was also angry at Lennon because he preached in his song Imagine – “imagine no possessions”, but still had millions of dollars to live by. And then of course, having read and reread the “Catcher in the Rye” – Chapman was greatly influenced by the book’s take on the “phoniness” of the society – and thought Lennon to be a phony by that logic. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is safe from such “nut cases”.

Well i guess i’ve rambled enough on this for now, coz talking about it all has made me hungry for some more insight n research about these topics. Its like, once you get hitched you just get hitched!! 

Reel Reality

I was watching this movie called “The American President” yesterday, starring Micheal Douglas and Annette Bening. It was a romantic movie bout the president of America who happens to be a widower and its election time and he needs to retain his presidency – but then he falls in love with an environment lobbyist and starts courting her – about which his rival starts making a big fuss and starts questioning the president’s character n all n all. this is usually what gets the american junta all excited and they start pining for traditional american values (whatever those are!!).

So anyway, its the usual typical american flick – where the “hero” charms the “heroine” with his wit, sense of humour and his brains. Not to mention his looks and the fact that he happens to be the president of the most powerful country in the world – making him the most powerful man in the world for the moment.

But my brains were working on an altogether different tangent. I was thinking, well here’s a movie that celebrates the perfect personality of the US president. He’s like the role model for the whole country and maybe for some in the rest of the world too. Not just this movie – look at “Air Force One” for that matter. Harrisson Ford makes a great president too. He smart, intelligent, loves his country and even saves the day for everyone even when his family’s lives are on the line. With that kind of a president, who needs a body guard eh!! But thats not all i’m thinking.

This brought me to think bout the “REAL WORLD” presidents. So who gets inspired by who??? The REAL by the REEL or the REEL by the REAL???  I mean take George Bush…..I dont think he is the kind of person who can inspire people, though he could take a few pointers from these movies. Infact with his smalll squinty eyes – i think he’s more of an inspiration for a baby chimpanzee movie. And Bill Clinton, yeah i know i know – ur like he was ok and a decent president too except his lusty prancing arounds – which wouldn’t have been that big a deal had he not been the president of the US of A (exactly!!!!).

But then again i’m digressing. What i was really thinking was……about our very own indian presidents/prime ministers. Yes yes, i couldn’t help drawing out a picture of some of our classic leaders playing the lead in this movie instead of Micheal Douglas. Hehehehe………

But its hard to imagine that – coz i can’t seem to associate them in such a setting. I mean the first descriptive adjective i can think of to describe them is – “old” !!!! And then everything else just follows – like boring, slow, dull ……..blah blah blah………….though there is one exception. Its Mr Kalam. He’s one cool dude. I mean he may be senior by age – but u know he doesn’t gimme those “oldish” vibes. He’s the kinda guy that u can really connect with. I think the one indian leader that could have been in MD’s shoes could have been him.

Its not about the americanism here. Its more about the fact – that our presidents/prime ministers are just normal people with the same problems like everyone else. The only difference is they have the responsibility of looking into the problems of the nation as well (which is heavy, but all the more reason to lighten up) – but that doesn’t mean they should be serious and proper all the time. I mean, they have a life too right!!! I guess what i miss is the “connection” that one desires to have with the person leading their nation. A little bit of human touch can go a long way……all i wanna say to our leaders is – LOOSEN UP!!!      

But anyway, thats what i think – my grey cells tend to do a few somersaults over the wierdest topics – And come to think of it, if India had a candidate like Micheal Douglas/Harisson Ford running for prime minister – 50% of the population would already have been won over (at least in my world !!!) – as always – AINWAYEE!!!