Agneeepath!! Hain!!!

Since I seem to have an opinion on a lot of things these days, I decided no better time to revive my long dead blog with a movie review. Nothing intellectual about this – but  if you must, then read on for my honest opinion of the movie.

Consider this review a fresh perspective on the film, not at all influenced by the original Agneepath (AB’s claim to a lot of fame) – since i haven’t seen that one, though would like to now surely – to draw comparisons – and maybe i will write about that in a future post some time. But for now, lets stick to Agneepath – 2012.

Well for one thing, within the first 20 minutes of the film boredom set in, i was shifting in my seat, fidgeting, looking at other people to see if they were watching as “intently” as me. Of course the storyline is a simple one. Father gets killed by bad guy, son grows up to take revenge. The challenge was to tell the same story – only better.

One could say that the start was a wee bit promising – but it lost steam pretty fast. Especially the long drawn scenes of the violent hanging of Vijay’s father – the Master, leaves nothing to imagination and is basically not such a well executed scene. It doesn’t evoke the necessary feelings and just goes over the top, making you wish that they would just get on with it! For someone who hasn’t seen the original, the movie is also very predictable – maybe coz this storyline has been done to death, but still – i was looking for some pull!

Following the trend…..the grown up Vijay is very predictably introduced with a close up shot of his bulging biceps – which just makes me nostalgic, coz I have seen that shot in way too many Hrithik films. I think the directors need to stop obsessing over his biceps and really pay more attention to other detail – like how do we make this movie more watchable – other than putting a good looking starcast together 😛

The introduction of the villain – Kancha was, well, disappointing too. He almost looks the part – more like a glob of muscle and flesh and i couldn’t help notice that his scalp extends to the base of his neck. You will know what i mean when you see. A bald head, shaved eyebrows (which is pretty much the only major change) and a stiff upright ring in a falsely pierced ear are the characteristics of this menacing bad guy. Sanjay Dutt’s tattoos thrown in for free add to his image and the black kurta / dhoti and chonch waali kohlapuris complete the look.

Other than that, the dialogue and conviction about how bad or psycho he really was, left a lot to be desired. I think there was a lot of untapped , unused and under utilised potential there.

I would say the same for Vijay Deenanath Chauhan too. The angry young man, is much too sentimental and i think there isnt a moment in the film that he doesnt have tears in his eyes – whether it is because he is happy, or because he is sad, or because he is drunk or  because he is angry. I owe that to a lack of  better direction, coz no matter what, Hrithik does put in all his effort to be a convincing character as always. But, he was just too much of a good guy in a bad situation. Maybe thats how it was meant to be, but then, not very believably so.

Priyanka Chopra…..hmmm. Well, firstly I didn’t even know she was in the film. With all the hype about chikni – chameli, which by the way is an unnecessary and untimely occurrence in the movie, Priyanka just ends up as a very “sidey” character. Anybody could have played that role. Infact they should have used a new face, who would have brought a fresh dimension and also looked the part and got noticed too. Hrithik’s character has too much of a central role to leave any room for hers. Other than Vijay’s love interest – she has no real presence or significance in the film. Also, I think Priyanka needs to stay away from the “marathi mulgi” image now – coz the wedding scene looks almost exactly like the one in Kaminey. Her character is also very similar to it and that does nothing for her either. I almost felt sorry for her.

So who wasn’t so bad you ask? I think Rishi Kapoor. Initially I almost laughed out loud seeing that he was playing a bad guy – so bad that he ran a flesh trade business and sold young girls who he kept trapped in a cage and was a drug lord too. But he pulled it off pretty much – and I think he was so much more convincingly sinister than Kancha.

In the end, picking up a cult film and remaking it does not guarantee anything, especially to the viewer. i did not go with any hopes, especially since we went on the first day of its release and had no reviews to fall back on. I think this was a lack of execution at many levels – direction, editing, screenplay and also the soundtrack – i dont think i enjoyed any songs in the movie.

A rich star cast but half baked everything else.

  Khush to aaj bilkul nahin hoge tum!!!