Ek Main Aur Ek Tu……Romantic Comedy well done :)

True romantic comedy that’s light and crisp. I don’t think there was a dull moment in the film and so glad that it lasted for just two hours. Cute story line with the whole parent category angle – I think one we can all relate to 😉

Imran Khan absolutely suited his part of the “tight-ass” guy who is so caught up with pleasing his parents that he has completely lost himself. He plays the part of the nervous, fumbly, stuttering guy very well. His parents, Boman Irani and Ratna Pathak Shah couldn’t have been a colder set of parents, but that completed reflected on why their son had such an identity crisis.

And Kareena Kapoor also does well as the bubbly, chirpy, girl next door who finds happiness and a light moment in everything, even if it was something like being thrown out on the street for not paying rent and spending the night in a hotel rest room cubicle. But, she reminded me too much of Geet from Jab We Met. The overly happy go lucky gal for whom no problem is too big or too much to solve – and life’s a party. I know I wish I were like that 😉

The people who played her family were fun too – especially the Dad with his typical pointers to Rahul about how to control the dog…haha….very spontaneous – good direction then 🙂

Also it was refreshing to see that the movie doesn’t have a conventional happily ever after. I think we are so used to / conditioned to seeing the movie culminating in a final love story and not a friendship story – and so that was a nice change 🙂

Why wasn’t I surprised that the music was by Amit Trivedi. Very refreshing – the songs other than the title track are very nice and soulful – esp the one that plays in the last moments of the movie…. Kar Chalna Shuru tu…. 🙂

And of course “Auntyji” was surprisingly not a cheesy number at all…..I enjoyed it so much – plus it was shot very well again..Fun!

So over all a great movie experience when you want to go for a light film – but not a senseless one – this is the Jen Aniston kind for me. A thumbs up and smile for Shakun Batra on this one…keep em coming – just don’t be repetitive 🙂


The Other Side of things!

Understanding the other person’s point of view.

I sometimes hate doing that. I hate that I have to listen to reasoning that I don’t agree with and then end up understanding why that reasoning was being given in the first place. It makes my point of view weaker and my arguments against that reasoning seem futile. That other point of view actually starts making sense and then the purpose of my argument is empty.

More like, “I should have seen this coming”.

And, I disagree with what you say, but I also why it makes sense for you!

It’s not that you can’t stick to your side of the argument. You can. But if the other side of things start making some sense too (even though you beg to disagree), then sticking to your point adamantly just for the heck of it also doesn’t help.

Other times, it’s not so much the reasoning but the “person” you are getting reasons from –  that make your position as the opposer weaker. Or you end up feeling that, why am I fighting this one person – when all they are doing is trying to protect me. I may not agree with their beliefs but I do understand their concern and so maybe I’ll let my argument rest, so that their minds can rest.

But the trouble is, that once you get stuck in the rut of things like this, you end up not doing a lot of things, changing a lot of decisions very contrary to what you actually wanted to do, and just looking back at times gone by…..when u could have “been there, done that” but end up “never being there, never having done that”.

Confusion vs Conviction….back to Confusion and then maybe Action

Its such a self defining phrase……..coz jahan Confusion hai wahan Conviction nahin hoti and jahan Conviction hai wahan Confusion ka sawaal hi nahin hota!!!

But well my state of mind doesn’t seem to quit shuttling between these two…….more often than not its in the Confusion phase………the longest most predominant phase!!!

Conviction on the other hand is ephemeral!!! Coming and vanishing in bursts!!!! A by-product of this: Frustration!!!

Yet another level is Conviction vs Action. One thing that eternally evades me.

But I am what I am…….no matter what I try to be, it still comes back a full circle.

Is that what we call the character of an individual?? Is that what defines who I am and what I deserve?? Is that what defines me as the bad person, one who isn’t making the most of everything……wasting opportunities…..??

There are so many things one does in life that define who you are. From the smallest to the largest – everything involves making the “right / appropriate choice”. And not just that, seeing it through is the actual litmus test.

There are so many questions that pop in my head everyday about so many issues. And I am seeking answers to so many of them …..but the thing is, that nobody can really answer them for me. Some people might make me feel better (or worse) with their own analogies, but the final reasoning still has to come from within. And unless that happens, well I just keep bumping around in the bubble of Confusion.

Anyway, taking this a step backwards. Where does confusion stem from? Why is it that I am so utterly confused about so many things?

One, it could be due to indecision – too many options staring you in the face. Two, it could be due to lack of information. Three, it could be because one cant decide what is “wrong” and what is “right”.

The third option is generally where I get stuck. Because who is to decide what IS really wrong and what is right. Some things are very easy and obvious to categorize but then there are the grey areas where your integrity, morality, credibility and responsibility are tested. These are the ones that truly test your character. But then again, why is it so that they are considered to test your character…..Who decided that?

Isnt it a  matter of individual choice?? Isnt it about how an individual feels about the situation rather than the community at large (who apparently have a copyright on the “appropriate behaviour” expected in response to such situations). The funny thing though is that, sometimes your decisions dont affect anyone but yourself, but if ti comes to the knowledge of others, its put under such a stringent scanner of judgement that in the end it just becomes an example of what one shouldnt be.

The point I seem to be coming to is that at the end of the day, each one of us goes ahead with whatever actions and choices we consider suitable to us in that moment. The type of actions / reactions to various situations can be discussed at length and each individual will have a different approach and understanding of the same. But those vital few minutes of getting past the confusion making a decision (because the situation demands so, even if you are in two minds) and acting on it are the ones that define “how much are you going to question yourself about it in the future”. At the end of the day, if you still question yourself about your own actions…….then somewhere you’re aware that its wasn’t an all correct. But then its too late and so begins another frustrating cycle of dilemmas and regrets……..

he he he….I just realised how completely opposite this is to my last post. How jubilant I was then, everything seemed great – crystal clear. And then some stupid complication just throws you off track……makes you lose focus. And with people like me, literally, focus takes a serious hit…….I cave in, and I completely lack the will to pull myself out……!!

I just linger………