Going bungeee crazeeee…….!!!

Yet another post I started writing in Nov last year and left incomplete. Finishing off and posted as it was…..:) Shuru kiya to khatam bhi kar hi dete hain!!!

Here’s another one of my crazy adventures.  Some might think like “oh whats the big deal” – but believe me – when u have ta jump off 150 feet, its a big enough deal – it sure was for me, so much so that I doubt if I can do it again. 

Anyway, I was in second year grad college.  4 of us decided to go and try it out at the JawaharLal Nehru stadium in Delhi. The Mountain Dew people had organised some adventure sports to promote their drink – and of course some of us went to try out the stunt. So when we got there, we had to first buy a ticket for the particular event. It cost us 600 bucks – and being in college and not earning, that sure is a lotta money. So anyways, keeping our spirits high and excited as we were, we were led to the medical check up tent. That kind of set off alams coz now we realised the gravity of the thing we were about to try out. They took our pulse and weight and height and blood pressure and finally okayed us as “fit” to go bungee.

We got in line and watched as others took their turn and dove down from the small cage that carried them 150 feet up – with the help of a crane. We made a wise move by coming empty stomach. The one thing that comes to my mind when i visualise myself upside down is “throwing up”. So i was very particular about not eating/drinking anything before the jump.

So came my turn. I was first to go among the four of us. The strapping up in itself fills you with so much anticipation resulting in a crazy case of butterflies in stomach, plus it gets the adrenalin rushing and the sheepishest smile cuts across the face.

So up we went in this metal cage which was lifted by a huge crane. WHen we were at 150 it was time for the “leap”, and no it did nt happen just like that. It took me 6 try’s to finally let go !!! I’ll never forget that. We were higher than the stadium lights even. UFFFF the air has escaped my lungs, lips dry n shit scared. The instructor lost patience and almost asked the crane to get us back down, but luckily I asked (more like pleaded) for one last chance and was granted!!

I psyched myself, thought about how Dad did it from 20,000 feet and without a rope holdin him, and well then just leapt. Its only a matter of  a “split second” and then its over and of course you feel like a fool for taking that long to do this. As i dangled and bobbed upside down, i finally started enjoying myself. Waved out to my friends, hooted…….had some fun and was finally brought down. Of course it took sme amount of balancing to stand up staright….but I came back alive, smiling and in one piece. I know, I know – koi teer nahin maara…….but phati to thi!!! 🙂

Out of the remaining 3 from the group, only one more could do it, the other too couldnt. But hey I dont blame them…..I almst didnt d it either….tho I’m very glad I did!!!

Next stop was McDonald’s coz the stomach had to be fed. When we got there I noticed my whole face was freckled with tiny red spots. That was due to the blood rush. Also the veins in my eyes had become a darker red!!! This stayed with me for the next 3 days along with a very annoying headache……but eventually it was all good!!! And I’m glad i did it and i donno if I’ll ever do it again, though if I do do it then it has to be one of those off the bridge over a river ones!!! 🙂 🙂