Sad Case of Intolerance…..?

The key word caught my eye, so decided to re-blog this. An outdated post but the concept of #intolerance has a new found relevance today…

"Bookish" Brain Curry

What does one make of a case like SR Siras’ – a professor at the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) who allegedly committed suicide because apparently the “shame” of being a homosexual consumed him.

Now SR Siras was reader and chairman of Modern Indian Languages at AMU. He had been teaching at the university for a good 20  odd years. Recently, about a month ago, he was suspended from his duties by the Vice Chancellor of the university on the pretext of having being involved in “grave misconduct” by indulging in “consensual” homosexual activities within the “privacy” of his home. (Consensual and privacy are two key words to be noted here – but it doesn’t seem like anyone wants to pay attention to them.)

This suspension came as a result of a complaint by students of AMU who had planted spy cams in Siras’ home and presented it as evidence while…

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