I want…..

A place of my own

A snazzy little phone;

A cute little pup

To lift my spirits up;

A great book to read

That is just what I need;

To own my time

To feel sublime;

To gaze at the stars

That feel so afar;

To not feel like – nothing is in my power

To climb to the top – of life’s every high tower;

To still feel grounded

And yet well rounded;

To live a life of fun

and not by the gun;

To see that i am free

of every decree;

To be an entity

with an i-dentity;

To let life freely flow

And make every moment glow;

To catch the subtle hues

in the life that one pursues;

To be truly who I am

and never give a damn!


My first poem – the result of a random moment of concentrated inspiration…. 🙂


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