Before Sunset – – Movie Review – – Spot on!

I’m always scouting for good cinema to watch on a weeknight in bed before I call it a day and most times I’m in the mood for something light, interesting and meaningful. Something that leaves a lingering effect, a thought or feeling behind. Most times these turn out to be light romantic comedies or chick flicks – – which are a one time watch and forget affair – and just end  up being freed space on my hard drive. So it feels great when I come across something that just blows me away.

The modus operandi of choosing a movie is generally by watching trailers on Youtube plus a quick read on Wikipedia , IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes.

This is how I pretty much came across “Before Sunset” as well. And am I glad I did!! (Though I dont think I read up too much on it, as i didn’t realise it had a prequel too. But more on that later.)

The movie sat in my downloads folder for about a week ten days before I reluctantly decided to check it out.You know how sometimes you want to watch a movie but don’t have the patience to tolerate a single boring moment or a slack in the story…..most weeknights that’s how impatient I get – – have turned off many films within 2 minutes of them running.

So here’s a movie that is solely based on “dialogue”. It is one continuous dialogue that goes on for an hour and 17 minutes straight and keeps you glued in at every point in the conversation.

The performances nail it to the 100th percent – both the actors Ethan Hawke  and Julie Delpy are such naturals that at one point I wondered if they  even took a break to re do a take.

The story in a gist is that both characters are meeting nine years  after their first meeting which lasted only an evening (thats the prequel Before Sunrise – – which is next on the list to watch). They are complete strangers to each other except that one evening they spent together and then lose touch completely.

When they do meet up after 9 years, there is a suppressed excitement but also the happiness and connection between them that makes the flow of conversation so effortless. The performances are so well done that the viewer relates exactly to how they feel and starts hoping for the conversation to go in a direction that makes their obvious but muted feelings for each other clear. There is a subtle “edge of the seat” build up in their conversation as time passes – but also a slight fear and dread that they may end up losing each other again.

The two long lost acquaintances catch up over a walk in the park, a cup of coffee and on a short ferry ride. They share ideas, thoughts and opinions – just like any two people would, which makes this film so real and natural.

Well adapted characters, clean crisp screenplay, and a great script down to the last detail makes for a very pleasant and memorable movie experience. It is commendable when a movie can sustain itself over just the 3 basic elements and no other frills to cover up 🙂

5 on 5 and two stars!!! if you’ve seen it, maybe you’ll agree, if you haven’t, you have to go watch!

An evening very well spent 🙂 Gunnight folks!


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