The Alchemist – finally read…..

The AlchemistThe Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I never picked up this book for one reason – that it may turn out to be too philosophical and preachy. That it would tell me “the secret” (pun intended). But finally i succumbed to my curiosity of it being one of the most widely read and highly acclaimed books in the world. So i had to give it a shot to see why.
I think, very definitely – it is the kind of of book one will relate to when one is at a certain point in their life. Trying to be someone, achieve something, answer their calling maybe….
It was the first 2 pages of the book that got me hooked in an instant – the part about the obstacles that keep us from confronting our dream – like it was written for me and I was meant to read it now – when I could make better sense of it and understand exactly what it was trying to say. Omen šŸ™‚
And the story that follows was to me a simple fable that illustrates the example so well.

I think everyone should read this book at least once – coz there will be something to relate to for everyone in the book.
At the cost of sounding “philosophical” myself – I must say that I will come back to it many times for inspiration – or rather to stay inspired or be reminded of the importance of my dreams…..and try and tread the path that is my purpose šŸ™‚

Marked so many lines (post page 100 though – for lack of a pencil before that).

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