Camera Antics

So my joblessness (read: unemployment) has led me to try out some photography. Here are some select clicks at Bandra West, Mumbai 🙂

Rosary Beads - Mount Mary Church

Rosary Beads - Mount Mary Church

Light a Candle - Mount Mary Church

The Bandra Worli Sea Link

The Fort at LandsEnd

Being a rather over cast day, I had to take most of the pictures in Black and White – which was good in a way, as it brought out a lot of character in the pictures.

The walls in Bandra are decorated with some very beautiful and interesting graffiti. You can find these on the outer periphery walls of schools and a few homes 🙂

Street DAWGS!!!

OOOh Close Shave..... Huh!!!!

Blue Smokey Girl

In Unity is Strength!


Khush to tum aaj bahut hoge...hain!!!!

That Fish is gonna feed all of Bandra!

And a few more……..

Signs of The Good Times......!

Beautiful Blooms

Dramatic Flowers

Colours of Fire

Stairway to Heaven.....?


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