Everybody needs a friend. Even if you’re the kind of person who thinks you don’t  need one – you still need one!

We make friends at every stage in life. As toddlers, as teenagers, in school, in college, as young professionals, at work…….a friend is always in the offing.

Some of these friends become better friends…….best friends. Some just become your family. They make that place in your heart and your life that’s so vital and central to you. They become a part of your support system. You feel comfortable in their presence, and re-assured – knowing they are around and will take care of you. They give you the opportunity to be yourself.  They’re just the people you need when you’re having  a hard time…..and definitely the people you need, when you want to have a good time 🙂

I recently met someone whose analogy on friendship intrigued me.

This person has decided that he doesn’t need any friend in life. I mean he has friends so to say, but he doesn’t have anyone he can speak his mind to. He chooses not to make any such friend. He can’t trust anyone enough to be able to do that. And he feels no “need” to able to talk to anyone either. According to him, if you have a problem, deal with it and get over it.

Anyway, it was difficult for me to understand this person. He has friends who confide in him, who consider him their best friend, but for him – it wont take a blink of a second to discard them if it came to that. Weird. Very weird for me. But I guess it works for him. So I leave it at that.

So why did i suddenly feel  like writing about friends?

Because they are PRECIOUS. And some stupid small incidents remind me that I have some awesome ones. And they are worth more than words can say 🙂

I think friends complete the picture of who you are. Because somewhere, they are a reflection of you and a tiny part of you can be seen in them. I don’t think I can see myself growing as a person without the set of friends that I have today. Each one teaches me something special and unique.

And I only hope I am as much (if not more) of a friend to them as they are to me 🙂


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