Book Mania

More like turning in to a book maniac!! 🙂
I can’t decide if it’s the reading that pulls me or the fact that I get to buy new books every fortnight. Its like a disease right now, and a very enjoyable one at that.
Of course it’s a downhill trend on the bank balance – but books are books and I must have them ! The only issue is, I am getting so impatient to read more and more that sticking to the one I’m currently reading becomes a bit of a task :). And no amount of CAT prep or reading comprehension has resulted in increasing my reading speed….so I endure and wait fo the day a book is over and I get to pick a new one……scrawl my name on the first page and begin.

Reading now:

Escape – Manjula Padmanabhan

Next in line:

The perplexities of Hariya Hercules – Manohar Shyam Joshi


Breathless in Bombay – Murzban F Shroff.


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