Well i almost got sucked in and sunk, but, i guess all the kickin n strugglin helped.

Brain wave when cutting vegetables…… = Therapy.

Therapy = abandoning veggies + rushing to crossword bookstore + pickin up a VCD copy of “the hangover” + 2 books by sudha murthy (gently falls the bakula, the old man and his god) + a book called “i too had a love story” by Ravinder Singh (picked it up only out of curiosity and becoz it was the cheapest thing there – 100 bucks) + dollops of cheese in my veggies (so much for health conciousness)

Damage: Rs. 700 (esp when i’m unemployed) + calories i dont even wanna think about.

Result: lightness………momentarily – but nevertheless – its here for now 🙂

Lesson: Impulsiveness makes a lotta sense sometimes 🙂


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