Feels like Sinking…..

Yeah, it feels like i’m sinking…..and it doesn’t matter that i know how to swim.

These seem to be such testing times. Its never over is it. There’s never that day when u feel so light that u could float. There’s never a point when the realisation of contentment sets in and finally “peace” envelopes you.
At least its not happenin to me. There are those days when i force myself to fool me and look at the brighter side of everything. Its my “positive attitude” stupidity i suppose.

The first thing is that cloudy feeling. Fuzzy, unclear and thick. Makes me feel like i’m throat deep in water and struggling to keep afloat. But the water is so close to my mouth that the pressure makes it so hard breathe. The heaviness on my chest almost pushes me under. But i’m struggling….and my legs dont hold much promise of lasting very long.

But isn’t it the same for everybody. Its always a struggle. That is wht its about. The “journey”.
Makes me so cynical sometimes. And i dont identify myself with this trait at all coz i consider myself a “believer”. Baah!! So much for being a believer.

I cant remember the last time i felt “cotton candy” light.
Sometimes, i read about people who have a hard time but have come out as survivors. I feel it might give me some hope that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. But I think I refuse to be inspired. I’d rather just get lost in the dark tunnel and become that burrowing creature who’s ok surviving on the muck that it can get its hands on.

Then again i feel like i deserve better and the issue is that i’m thinking about everything/everyone else except me. Maybe i need to be “selfish”. Maybe thats the key. But really, having tried it out on occasions – it just made the chasm deeper n darker. Urgh!!!

In the end, i am at a loss of finding that crevice of escape. Its like quicksand – the more i struggle – the deeper i sink.

Maybe i just need to suck it up. Well at least the effort is on. Maybe thats why the frustration is on too.
Or maybe an empty mind is a devil’s workshop and i need employment!!


4 thoughts on “Feels like Sinking…..

  1. Hi, read this somewhere, thought you would be interested.

    “Why does one run away? What is one escaping from? From your own loneliness, your own emptiness, from what you are. If you run away without seeing what is, you obviously cannot understand it; so first you have to stop running, escaping and only then can you watch yourself as you are. But you cannot observe what is if you are always criticizing it, if you like or dislike it. You call it loneliness and run away from it… You are afraid of this loneliness, of this emptiness, and dependence is the covering of it. So fear is constant; it is constant as long as you are running away from what is. To be completely identified with something, with a person or an idea, is not a guarantee of final escape, for this fear is always in the background. The solace / freedom comes through dreams, when there is a break in identification; and there is always a break in identification, unless one is unbalanced.”

    Hope you find it useful. Best of luck. God bless!!


  2. yeah…maybe it is the loneliness/emptiness…..i donno how to remedy it yet but like the paragraph above states – “there is always a break in identification” – i still have hope…..unless ofcourse i’m unbalanced – which could be a remote possibility and i wouldnt rule it out just yet 😛


  3. Well in that case I guess the best way out would be to go out there and say Hello to your fears. Lets see what they have to offer and say to you. If not anything then, at least you will have absolute clarity in terms of what to do and what not to do. What to expect and what not to expect. Would make life a little easier I believe. 🙂


    • actually i dont think its “fears” as such. problem is i cant identify whats wrong.
      so when that happens i think it’ll be easier to get outta the sluggish mess in my head.


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