Of assassins, plots and drama……

One the most facinating subjects for me to read and watch are the assassination attempts and plots that have spanned over the years. Right from Abe Lincoln (and much before that) to Martin Luther King Jr, to John Lennon , to RFK and the most talked about and researched JFK assassination.

I happened to watch this movie called “Vantage Point” last night and it really set my grey cells in motion. I really liked the movie. So much thought must have gone into making the plot of this movie. I would call it intelligent – and sometimes I fear such movies might give ideas to the wrong lot of people. But that aside, the main thing that really impressed me was the way a critical 23 minutes before during and after the assassination attempt was depicted from 5 different points of view of the 5 key players – the main assassin, the president himself, the president’s security officer, a local police officer and a tourist. And the whole film keeps going back to the start to show what each person went through, ultimately culminating into the final episode – where all these key players come together at the same point in one form or another. Its one of those fast paced movies where ur on the edge of the seat and ur mind is going crazy trying to figure out how the hell it was pulled off!!!.  Pooof….!!

So anyway, like i was saying earlier, I don’t know what it is that facinates me about such acts of violence against these men. So many questions come ino my head – like who did it, why he did it, did he really do it or was there someone more sinister behind it. I know I’m not the only sucker for such stories, there are others who have gone much greater lengths to feed their curiosity about the circumstances and the reasons behind the committing of such an act. I’m just curious about the lives and personalities that were involved – Like what kind of a person would you have to be to do something like this?? Unlike movies, I think the real life assassins have a much more twisted personality – and thats what I want to know more about. 

Take the JFK assassination for example. That one is no less than the movie i just talked about. Even though there was a convicted killer – Lee Harvey Oswald – who was proved to be the shooter, there are still so many conspiracy theories that it still remains a mystery to many – whether he was actually the one who orchestrated the assassination or was he just a pawn in a much bigger plot. And come to think of it, the person who actually pulled off one of the most controversial assassinations of our time may have gotten away with it – while we’re still going nuts trying to figure it all out. Even the National Geographic Channel has a complete documentary researching all the possibilities – but there are still some doubts no one can clear out – and that makes the whole case so intriguing that it will revisited many a time in the future as well. 

But people like me get carried away sometimes. Maybe we just want to believe that there was more than meets the eye. Maybe the “drama” of it all is what intoxicates the mind so much that the more the plot thickens the better it gets. I guess i just cant get enough. The suspence is what spices it up.  

To continue further, on the other hand is the completely different assassination of John Lennon. The reason why Mark David Chapman killed him was so bizzare. He was apparently not happy with a comment made by Lennon about the Beatles – about them being more pupolar than Jesus. This didn’t go down well with Chapman and he considered it be blasphemy. He was also angry at Lennon because he preached in his song Imagine – “imagine no possessions”, but still had millions of dollars to live by. And then of course, having read and reread the “Catcher in the Rye” – Chapman was greatly influenced by the book’s take on the “phoniness” of the society – and thought Lennon to be a phony by that logic. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is safe from such “nut cases”.

Well i guess i’ve rambled enough on this for now, coz talking about it all has made me hungry for some more insight n research about these topics. Its like, once you get hitched you just get hitched!! 


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